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Flishuset is a story of breathing new life into an old, dilapidated woodchip house. Completing the transformation of an old sawmill into museum and event grounds, Flishuset will complement the current facilities with two open and flexible spaces for art exhibitions, events, meetings, and educational purposes.


The building is characterized by its exposed structural system, which is an interpretation of the traditional barn construction employed in the original woodchip house. Connected through traditional joinery techniques, the structural members communicate a history of craftsmanship while contributing to a warm atmosphere, ornamented by a rich play of light and shadow.


Taking inspiration from the original building’s mechanical hoist up doors, the facade has been equipped with a series of barn doors and shutters. When shut, the building appears as it did originally, entirely closed to its surroundings, filtering rays of light through the gaps in the cladding. When open, the barn doors give way to generous facade openings, permitting new activities and programs to exist within.

LOCATION:       Ørje
STATUS:            Completed
PROGRAM:      Community space, mixed use
AREA:                 200 m2
PHOTO:              Thurston Empson

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Community Centre_TE_02.jpg


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