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FLO is a floating lodge that offers unique overnight experiences in the Halden watercourse.


Taking inspiration from the canal system’s rich log driving history, the lodge is clad in rough, split spruce trunks for visual reference. Inside, built-in furniture, walls and ceiling are similarly made of locally sourced spruce, an unpretentious homage to history that stands in contrast to the project’s precise form and detailing.


The design is based on the primitive experiential contrast between the safe and familiar and the mystical and unknown. A fireplace welded by a local craftsman provides a focal point around which visitors can gather and grill their freshly caught fish, while generous openings minimize the distance to the open, mysterious lake outside.


Similarly to the way in which timber has been transported historically, the cabin is dimensioned to be sluiced through the locks that mediate the height difference between the lakes.

LOCATION:       Halden watercourse
STATUS:            Completed
PROGRAM:      Lodge
AREA:                 30 m2
PHOTO:              Thurston Empson

Strøm - JK - Flo-4022.jpg
Strøm - JK - Flo-7532.jpg
STRA_Floating Lodge_TE_030.jpg
Facades presentation-01.jpg
Facades presentation-01.jpg
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Strøm - JK - Flo-7925.jpg
STRA_Floating Lodge_TE_014.jpg
STRA_Floating Lodge_TE_003.jpg
Strøm - JK - Flo-4030.jpg


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