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Good neighborhoods begin with good frameworks. Most regional housing developments in Norway start out by creating an artificial clean slate; a tabula rasa facilitating practical and economic incentives, leaving few traces of the past behind. Nature is erased and bedrock is blown up to create easily buildable properties suitable for standard catalog houses.

As a counter response to this well-known formula, Glomviklia uses the existing green structure as a starting point for a coherent circulation network that serves as a backbone for the masterplan.


The structure connects the area to the surrounding forest, ensuring safe and pleasant internal circulation while sub-dividing the area into clusters of two and three houses.

Located at the heart of the development is a communal meadow adapted for gatherings and play. Ensuring greenery on at least two sides of every property, the masterplan leaves room for both individuality and community with nature as the closest neighbor.

LOCATION:       Kykkelsrud
STATUS:            Planning
PROGRAM:      Private houses
AREA:                 3000m2

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