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Cabin Knarrvika was a commission for a lover of music who wanted a simple, serene and minimalist retreat to enjoy the calming views of the Oslo fjord.

The site sits in a barren, coastal landscape dominated by crooked pine trees and rocks covered by pine needles and patches of heather.The cabin was designed with the intention of subordinating itself to the natural surroundings; the concrete foundation seemingly growing out of the exposed outcrop. Split into two volumes sitting at different heights, the cabin follows the site’s slope to limit its visual impact, while the corten steel facade mimics the tones of the bark of the pine trees.

The main volume opens up to the expansive views, while still aiming to retain a sense of space; deep window profiles delineating the outer perimeter accompanied by a birch plywood interior to add warmth and snugness.

LOCATION:                  Skjebergkilen
STATUS:                       Completed
PROGRAM:                 Private house
AREA:                            90 m2
PHOTO:                         Thurston Empson


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