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A site characterized partially by the remains of an old quarry and partially by beautiful exposed bedrock was the starting point for this summer house in Skjebergkilen with views over the Oslo fjord.

To contrast the former quarry, we employed a structural principle that would have a minimal impact on the landscape and preserve the remaining exposed bedrock. The cabin is conceptualized as a volume split between two levels and embraced by a series of articulated posts. Even though the rhythmic structure creates a distinct and clear expression, symmetry and regularity ensures balance and harmony.

The characteristic landscape shaped by the quarry frames the building together with crooked pine trees towards the North and West, resulting in an interesting duality between its immediate and distant interior views. An understated material palette consisting of asphalt roofing and black stained cladding gives the cabin an unassuming expression that blends in with its surroundings.


LOCATION:                  Skjebergkilen
STATUS:                       Completed
PROGRAM:                 Private house
AREA:                            90 m2
PHOTO:                         Thurston Empson

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STRA_House on Stilts_TE_020.jpg
STRA_House on Stilts_TE_004.jpg


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