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Fetsund 02_Interior-low res_edited.jpg
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The plot, an island located in the southwest archipelago, our inspiration derives from the precious and sensitive nature, it’s exposed cliffs and wild vegetation. Determined to lose as little as possible, the building volume is carefully divided into a series of dwellings propped on stilts along a trail, bridged together with terraces. Instead of blasting the beautiful archipelago cliffs, we decided to let the typography decide the levels of the house and have it follow the terrain. In this way the buildings finds the path of least resistance over and across the site, avoiding significant trees and large rocks. 

By doing this we also avoided internal corridors. The surrounding nature simply becomes part of the experience of living and moving through the house. We strived to relate the built form with the landscape, creating a close relationship between ecology and tectonics. 


LOCATION:       Rosalandet archipealgo 
STATUS:            Completed
PROGRAM:      Private house
AREA:                 400 m2
PHOTO:              Thurston Empson

Fetsund 02_Interior-2.jpg
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Fetsund 02_Interior-low res.jpg
diagram 2_edited.png


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