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Fetsund 02_Interior-low res_edited.jpg
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The museum and its programming aim to raise awareness of the value of the wetlands, both as a habitat for plants and animals, and as an important natural resource for humans. Located on the riverbank of the Glomma river. the architecture of the new Museum.


Opening to the glomma river, the design forms a strong relationship between the building and the water, offering visitors pleasant views at all times. The layout enhances this openness, with all main public functions -entrance hall, restaurant, auditorium and exhibition halls- being positioned towards the water side of the building and the administration/employee and back functions towards the land side. The building is lowered wooden to break down the scale, giving the building a sense of lightness and depth.

LOCATION:                Fetsund
STATUS:                      Unbuilt
PROGRAM:                Museum
AREA:                           6000 m2
COLLABORATION:  Magnus Hermstad, Thurston Empson

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Fetsund 02_Interior-low res.jpg
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