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Local Production Square is a masterplan initiative to develop Ørje’s town square based on some of the municipality's most unique and valuable currencies – local production, positive local patriotism and a strong culture for volunteering.

Through a collaborative process with local politicians, business owners and the municipal administration, we formulated a vision where volunteers of all generations can participate in various types of production through social and cross-generational programs.

The square currently lacks both spatial definition and programmatic content. Identifying both the potential in existing buildings, as well as potential sites for new physical interventions, has therefore been a key strategy in creating a well proportioned square.

Including a microbrewery, a creative youth club, a pizza restaurant, a multi-functional greenhouse and a mixed use building with apartments and a public library, the square will be an arena where local businesses and manufacturers can sell their produce and participate in making local production a civic pride and give substance back to the town center.

LOCATION:       Ørje
STATUS:            Planning
PROGRAM:      Local square
AREA:                 6000m2


Site plan base 1_500 - A3_last-01.jpg
Axo square-01.jpg


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