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Being subject to fleeting summers, a pool house in a Norwegian climate needs to be a space of multiple possibilities. This small structure functions as an extension of the house, serving as a calm retreat, a private hangout spot for teenagers, and a lounge spot after festive dinners.


It is a pavilion of structural simplicity and clarity, unifying several functions under a continuous rhythm of cantilevered roof joists. Connected to the existing house, two structural beams span the full length of the house. The roof joists, initially forming a pergola, define a semi-sheltered space for communal meals. Continuing across the pool house, they provide a roof overhang that protects the facade from climatic impact, before concluding as a sheltered outdoor shower with views over a serene lake.

LOCATION:       Ørje
STATUS:            Completed
PROGRAM:      Private house
AREA:                 40 m2
PHOTO:              Thurston Empson

STRA_Pool House_TE_024.jpg
STRA_Pool House_TE_051.jpg
STRA_Pool House_TE_011c.jpg
STRA_Pool House_TE_006.jpg
STRA_Pool House_TE_032.jpg
STRA_Pool House_TE_053.jpg
STRA_Pool House_TE_047.jpg


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