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Floating Sauna is a small regional development intervention as part of a strategy to activate Ørjes waterfront on the Rødenes lake. Through a cultural and recreational loop encompassing a boat cafe, various bathing platforms, petanque fields, and workout stations, a continuous system of wooden walkways complete a scenic route through a popular recreational area.


The public sauna will play an important role in this activation strategy, promoting recreational use of the lake throughout bigger parts of the year through a new arena for social interaction.


The architectural intervention itself constitutes the camouflaging of a prefabricated sauna through a simple system of wooden battens. Honest and articulated tectonics mimic vernacular forms that, with generous eaves, a slightly pitched roof, and a rudimentary lighting strategy reads as a floating lantern for visitors and passers-by; a welcoming gesture upon arrival, and a regional landmark and identity marker for the municipality.

LOCATION:      Ørje
STATUS:            Completed
PROGRAM:      Sauna
AREA:                 12 m2
PHOTO:              Thurston Empson

STRA_Floating Sauna_TE_009.jpg
STRA_Floating Sauna_TE_026.jpg
STRA_Floating Sauna_TE_011.jpg
STRA_Floating Sauna_TE_021.jpg


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