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Villa Furuholmen_RA_L-90.jpg


A sauna is a place of total relaxation, rituals, stillness, and reflection, and these ideas formed the starting point of this design. Material choices such as dark microcement together with the granite floor in the shower room create a harmonious palette that looks especially beautiful when the light falls on the matte surface.  The choice to use indirect, natural light in this room enhances feelings of calm and harmony.


When you move into the sauna room itself, the light floods in. Here it is all about the view. Through the large floor-to-ceiling window, you can see the ripples in the water and follow the changes of nature through the seasons from the warm and quiet place.

LOCATION:                   Rosalandet archipelago 
STATUS:                        Completed
PROGRAM:                  Sauna
AREA:                             50 m2
PHOTO:                          Thurston Empson
COLLABORATION:    Sarita Poptani

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Villa Furuholmen_RA_L-17.jpg
Villa Furuholmen_RA_L-18.jpg
Villa Furuholmen_RA_117_M.jpg
Villa Furuholmen_RA_L-30.jpg
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Villa Furuholmen_RA_L-36.jpg
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Villa Furuholmen_RA_L-29.jpg
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