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STRA_6 Cabins_TE_008.jpg


Perched on slender metal posts over a forest floor sit six identical cabins. In individual efforts to capture a glimpse of the fjord, they protrude from the terrain.


Partially anchored to patches of exposed outcrop through in-situ concrete foundations, the forest floor is permitted to flow freely under the majority of the volumes; a low-impact strategy in conscious opposition to the many multi-cabin developments where the landscape is formed on the project’s terms, rather than vice versa.


Conscious geometrical considerations ensure both individual privacy and openness. While the majority of the volumes, containing bedrooms and service spaces, are orientated parallel to the contour lines for calmness and privacy between the cabins, the protruding living spaces with open facades towards the fjord add a sense of drama and suspense, resulting in an overall impression of dynamic repetition.

LOCATION:       Storesand
STATUS:            Completed
PROGRAM:      Private houses
AREA:                 Six cabins a 73 m2
PHOTO:              Thurston Empson

STRA_6 Cabins_TE_115.jpg
STRA_6 Cabins_TE_017.jpg
STRA_6 Cabins_TE_013.jpg
STRA_6 Cabins_TE_091.jpg
STRA_6 Cabins_TE_008.jpg
STRA_6 Cabins_TE_102.jpg


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