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Villa Furuholmen_RA_S-93.jpg


Propped on the forest edge, this seaside guest lodge hovers delicately on stilts. The plan is reduced to a central core with circulation around.
The core consists of bunkbeds, storage, and bathrooms. 
Depending on the number of guests you can divide into four small rooms or expand into one large open plan. We strived to make the plan as generous and efficient as possible with no wasted space.

Instead of a big footprint, the focus was given to materials of high quality including oak floorboards, solid oak windows, and white-painted pine interior cladding. The wall layering is completely timber without plastics and adhesives.

LOCATION:                   Rosalandet archipelago 
STATUS:                        Completed
PROGRAM:                  Private house
AREA:                             65 m2
PHOTO:                          Thurston Empson
COLLABORATION:    Sarita Poptani

Villa Furuholmen_RA_S-94.jpg
Villa Furuholmen_RA_S-97.jpg
Villa Furuholmen_RA_S-75.jpg
Villa Furuholmen_RA_S-98.jpg
Villa Furuholmen_RA_S-77.jpg
Villa Furuholmen_RA_S-96.jpg


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