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The project is an idea for how to connect one of Norway’s many fish farms to a biogas plant, which could also be used for recreational purposes in a small Norwegian town in Vestlandet. 


In this way, the biogas plant project demonstrates an alternative future for the Western coast of Norway. The currently dominating, closed-off oil-industry is to be evolved into a new circular and sustainable economy. 


As a solution, the polluting fish farm waste is redirected into biogas production. A new production typology is developed combining education, recreation, public space and production. The process of biogas production is publicly displayed with an educational narrative, all the steps from fish waste to ready biogas. Ergo, we seek to rethink industrial production and intertwine it with community functions. 


By showing contexts and possibilities within the energy industry, the project seeks to inspire circular changeover.

LOCATION:       Haugesund 
STATUS:            Idea project
PROGRAM:      Cultural / Industry
AREA:                 1300 m2

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