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A villa in the archipelago. Our inspiration derives from the precious and fragile landscape on the island, the exposed cliffs, windswept junipers, and untouched lichen. Determined to lose as little as possible of the nature, the building mass is carefully divided into a series of dwellings propped on stilts along a trail, bridged together with terraces. The path is determined in part by the vicissitudes of the site - the location of significant trees, large rocks, and prevailing winds from north and south. Hence, the buildings find the path of least resistance through and over the site. 

By spreading the buildings in several volumes, we avoided corridors. The surrounding nature simply becomes part of the experience of living and walking through the houses. The narrow buildings mean that wherever you are, there are never more than a few steps out, encouraging seamless movement between inside and outside. This was something the client wished for, a place where you can completely relax and live harmoniously with nature.


The house has been published in many international magazines including Enki, Residence, Divisare, and BoBedre.

LOCATION:                   Rosalandet archipelago 
STATUS:                        Completed
PROGRAM:                  Private house
AREA:                             400 m2
PHOTO:                          Thurston Empson
COLLABORATION:    Sarita Poptani

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