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The new MiA workshop is thought of as a sequentially organized voyage of discovery, where new synergies can arise through the work with, and the communication of, traditional craftsmanship.


Negotiating the level differences between the new workshop and the existing museum, the main entrance is conceived as a unifying element that formalistically, functionally and in terms of structural logic mediates new and existing ideas.


An exterior work axis placed perpendicularly to the building offers a flexible surface for extended workshop activities, educational purposes and service/logistical/material deliveries.


The succession of workshops with their clear, active and outward-facing public facade open up to the public outdoor space through generous sliding doors, enabling interaction between visitors, employees and course participants. The centered skylight leads the way through the building and lights up the various working zones, while saw dust from planks being cut swirl up to the beat of a hammer falling against an anvil.

LOCATION:       Drøbak 
STATUS:            Unbuilt
PROGRAM:      Workshop
AREA:                 750m2

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